Formulated for Perfection: What It Means and Why We Stand by It

Formulated for Perfection: What It Means and Why We Stand by It
If you’ve looked at our products, you’ve most likely noticed a slogan proudly written on our packaging—Formulated for Perfection. More than just a catchy phrase, this statement sums up everything we stand for here at After Inked. It is also our registered trademark!
What exactly does Formulated for Perfection mean, though?
The Definition of Perfection
To begin to answer that question, let’s first look at what perfection really means. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Perfection is:
“The action or process of improving something until it is faultless.”
Seems pretty straight forward, right? When you really look at the meaning of this common word, you realize quickly that it isn’t that common of an action. In many cases, when a product or company works, that’s it. They stop right there. There is a mentality of, “if it already works, don’t fix it.” But, at After Inked, we take the word perfection very seriously.
Formulated for Perfection®
After Inked has been in business for over 14 years. We have you–our amazing customers—to thank for this. We know that even though we already have a great product and an impeccable reputation in the industry, we can’t just stop. We won’t just stop. For this reason, we continue to formulate each and every product, package, and campaign for perfection.
How We Formulate for Perfection
We’ve figured out the ultimate process to help us create the best of the best in tattoo-related products. But, what did we do, you ask?
Take a look at our key bullet points which are also extracted from our Patents:To reduce the possibility of drying of the skin, irritation of the skin, dermatitis or any other adverse reactions associated with petroleum or mineral oils these ingredients have been intentionally avoided.
- Animal products and or by-products are also intentionally excluded not simply to avoid known adverse skin reactions but also to avoid any (even theoretical) prospect of contracting a prion disease (e.g., BSE aka Mad Cow Disease) that could be present in animal products or by-products. Furthermore, animal products and or by-products have been intentionally excluded to respect people's religious beliefs and lifestyle choices.
- The use of plant-based ingredients responds to the demand from the general public for more natural and organic products.
- The composition is intentionally uncomplicated, the intent being to produce a less complex product, comprising a minimal number of ingredients.
- The nature of each ingredient is selected so that reasonably educated members of the general public could easily recognize, relate to, and feel comfortable with the selected ingredients. Being a less complex composition, people will more likely read the list of ingredients and be less intimidated by the basic nature of the contents.
Just as Formulated For Perfection is our trademark and our slogan, these bullet points are also featured in our patents. We’re not just all talk, we’re serious about our commitment to perfecting our products!
We formulated After Inked for perfection because we have been expecting you and you deserve the best!
Formulated for Perfection: What It Means and Why We Stand by It
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