• Piercing Aftercare

    Piercing Aftercare When you get a piercing, just as with a tattoo, there is an aftercare procedure which you must follow in order to heal your body modification and prevent infection. As the piercer, it is your responsibility to educate your client on the proper method of caring for their new pie... View Post
  • If you’ve looked at our products, you’ve most likely noticed a slogan proudly written on our packaging—Formulated for Perfection. More than just a catchy phrase, this statement sums up everything we stand for here at After Inked. It is also our registered trademark! What exactly does Formulated ... View Post
  • Art into Fashion

    Looking for something to wear that is a little different than the normal mainstream, copy & paste styles? Check out this line of After Inked clothing -- designed by some of your favorite tattoo artists! Original designs, unique concepts! Check out the exclusive designs and support the artists.  View Post