• If you’ve looked at our products, you’ve most likely noticed a slogan proudly written on our packaging—Formulated for Perfection. More than just a catchy phrase, this statement sums up everything we stand for here at After Inked. It is also our registered trademark! What exactly does Formulated ... View Post
  • Art into Fashion

    Looking for something to wear that is a little different than the normal mainstream, copy & paste styles? Check out this line of After Inked clothing -- designed by some of your favorite tattoo artists! Original designs, unique concepts! Check out the exclusive designs and support the artists.  View Post
  • Beauty Without Bunnies

    The new "Beauty Without Bunnies" logo is coming to After Inked products! After Inked has been a proud bearer of the Cruelty-Free Bunny since 2008 and we pride ourselves in offering kind personal care products that are PETA-certified as cruelty-free. We pledge to continue to uphold this standar... View Post